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Please provide as much information from the list below as you can. We can then give you a quote for your accounting and tax requirements. Please note this quote can only be a guide, but also the more detail and information you provide, then the more accurate that it is likely to be.

To receive a firm quote in writing, it will be necessary for us to have a meeting. This meeting should last for about half-an-hour and the objective would be to provide you with a FIXED FEE QUOTE and TAX PLANNING advice. There will be no charge for this meeting and no obligation to proceed.

  • Business sector:  ie Computer consultant, Retail shop etc
  • Type of Business: Sole Trader, Partnership or Limited Company
  • If Limited Company, please supply Company Registration Number
  • Number of years established
  • Turnover per last annual accounts
  • Number of employees (not directors)
  • Number of directors
  • Number of shareholders
  • VAT registered: yes or no?
  • If VAT registered, are you on the Flat Rate Scheme?
  • Do you use the cash basis or invoice basis for VAT?
  • Computerised or manual accounting records?
  • If computerised, which software package do you use?
  • Do you have an external book-keeper?
  • If no, who keeps the books up-to-date?
  • Is the bank account reconciled monthly?
  • Are the sales & purchases ledgers reconciled regularly?
  • Do you produce monthly management accounts?
  • Does the business have stock and/or work-in-progress?
  • Does the business own or lease business premises?
  • Does the business have HP contracts?
  • How many business vehicles are there?
  • Are you involved in importing or exporting goods?
  • Do you use a factoring agency?
  • Any additional information which may be helpful
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